Our range of spill kit containers are suitable for creating your own kits to your own specification. You can create several kits and save money when buying absorbents in bulk.


  ABFE Empty Body Fluid Kit Case 46cm x 32cm x 13cm 1
  AHCE Empty Hard Carry Case 53cm x 39cm x 13cm 1
AECHB Empty clip-close bag (clear) 60cm x 80cm 1
AEP3 Empty plastic drum and lid (white) 30L 1
AEB3 Empty cube bag (yellow) 45cm x 35cm x 20cm 1
  ADCB Empty Plug Rug bag for up to 2 Plug Rugs 65cm x 45cm x 5cm 1
  AEBES Empty Shoulder Bag - small (yellow) 55cm x 45cm x 10cm 1
AEB4 Empty Shoulder Bag - large (yellow) 60cm x 45cm x 15cm 1
Empty carry holdall for neoprene drain protection ADCH Empty carry holdall for drain covers 20cm Dia x 1M 1
AEWC Empty wall cabinet 75cm x 40cm x 25cm 1
AEP6 Empty plastic drum and lid 60L 1
AEP9 Empty plastic drum and lid 90L 1
AEW12 Empty wheelie bin (yellow) 120L 1
AEEW24 Empty wheelie bin (yellow) 240L 1
AEW36 Empty wheelie bin (yellow) 360L 1
  AEK1 Empty Locker 120L  
AEK2 Empty locker - without wheels 200L 1
AEK4 Empty locker - without wheels 400L 1
AEPB Empty pallet box with lid 600L 1
AEK7 Empty trunker bin on wheels (yellow) 800L 1
AEK10 Empty wheeled bin 1100L 1


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