Condensation causes water to collect inside fuel tanks which if not removed not only corrodes the inside of the tank, but also makes engine starting much more difficult. Drop the super soaker into your tank filler point, tie it off and let it do its work. The soaker will sink to the bottom of the tank and if it finds water present will start to absorb it.

The 'soaker' can be re-used until saturated, when the outer net prevents the inner cushion from swelling larger than the filler opening.

Use the line provided to retrieve the soaker and dispose.

Helps prevent fuel tanks from collecting water
Suitable for boats, oil-fired central heating tanks, fuel bowsers or large plant
Absorbs water from under fuel
Reuse until saturated
Retrieval tie line included

AWS01 Water absorber for oil and fuel tanks 4.4cm dia. x 30cm 2
AWS02 Water absorber for oil and fuel tanks 5.6cm dia. x 30cm 2
AWS03 Water absorber for oil and fuel tanks 10cm dia. x 30cm 2


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