Chemical Absorbents - BinderChemical binder in use on ground

When oil and chemical spills occur it is necessary to have a fast, effective and universal spill response product.

Most spill response powders are difficult to apply in windy conditions, are dusty and leave behind residues after clean up. Few have the ability to bind liquids and retain them in a semi-solid form. The Solution Use Fentex Chemical Binder - an inert powder that will:
  • Be extremely fast acting
  • Swell to absorb 25 times its own volume
  • Be non-reactive with all chemicals* and oils
  • Bind liquids together on contact
  • Not allow the liquid to leach out
  • Clean to a film free surface
  • Be non-dusting even in windy conditions
  • Reduce levels of fuming from aggressive chemicals
  CODE Packaging Description Size Pack Qty Pack Sorbency
Chemical Binder CUB5 Tub Chemical Binder 5kg 1 300L
CUB1 Tub Chemical Binder 1kg 1 60L



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