Chemical Absorbents - Cushions

  • Specifically for use with chemical and hazardous liquids.Absorbent chemical cushions
  • Bright yellow colour to indicate hazardous material
  • Use in all areas of chemical plant and chemical manufacturing
  • Very useful pans and cushions
  • Place pan under leaky drum taps, pipe unions or valves
  • Small Cushions can be placed directly into pan

Can be used on caustics, acids, solvents oils and fuels as well as many common fluids.

CODE PACKAGING Description Size Pack Qty Pack Sorbency
CCS2 Dispenser Box Chemical cushion 23cm x 23 cm 20 60L
CCL1 Boxed Chemical Cushion 30cm x 35cm 10 40L
CCS2 Boxed Chemical Cushion 23cm x 23cm 20 60L



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