• PROTECT FLOORING  - Spilt or leaked liquid is retained, drainage channels control run-off into other tiles

  • SAFETY - Raised cross-ridges and blocks isolate shoes from any spilt or leaked liquids. Tiles also have and anti-slip surface to help prevent slips.

  • DURABILITY - Retenkit is made from 100% plastic and so will not rust or corrode when in contact with acids, alkalis, seawater etc.

  • MODULAR - Standard dimensions of 508 x 508mm helps you to quickly calculate the number of tiles required to fit your storage area or work station.

  • QUICK and EASY - No tools are required to lay Retenkit. Tiles interlock together. Surface can be expanded simply by adding more tiles.

Code: 619SO
Liquid retention: 2.5 Litres per tile
External Dimensions: 508 x 508 x 30mm
Weight: 1.4Kg
Colour: Green



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