Prowler Pop-Up Spill Pools

The strongest and most lightweight secondary containment pool available.

Made of high-density polyethylene tapes and a low-density coating, Prowler offers excellent resistance to the widest range of chemicals, acids, leaded and unleaded gasoline, diesel fuels and other hazardous materials. The new hazardous spill containment pool is also resistant to cold temperatures—as low as minus 65º F—as well as abrasion, punctures and ultraviolet rays. The lightweight Prowler is half the weight of comparably sized PVC pools while offering 2x the strength.

The opaque Prowler allows for at-a-glance verification of fill-level. Users can easily check on the filling of the unit and compare it to the marked gallonage. The unit fits easily into Poly-Edge or any other spill response kit. The color coded ring and carrier allows for easy size identification.

  Code Description Capacity

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5920 Prowler 73 Litre Sump 76 Litres
5966 Prowler 254 Litre Sump 250 Litres
5900 Prowler 385 Litre Sump 379 Litres
5950 Prowler 575 Litre Sump 568 Litres




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