Environment Agency Pollution Prevention Guidance Notes (PPG's)

PPG14 Marinas and craft - February 2004

General guidance to all who enjoy the use of waterways, estuaries and coastal waters.

Point 2, Fuels and oil, is of particular interest.

Point 2 states: "Where oil has been spilt into surface waters, use booms and absorbent materials that float on water and only absorb oils to contain the spill."

Section 4 (b) states:"(i) Provide oil absorbent materials suitable for use in water near to the dispensing area for use in case of spillage."

Section 7 a(i) states: "A small quantity of oil absorbent material should be kept on the craft at all times for use in the event of a spill."

Section 7 b(i) states: "Provide a drip tray under inboard engines and gearboxes"

Section 7 b(ii) states: "Oil absorbent pads can be placed in the bilge to absorb any oil that may be present. These should be replaced frequently and used absorbents disposed of in accordance with relevant legislation "

PPG14 Marinas and craft.
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