Product Comparison - Fosse Liquitrol

Below is sample from our database of products equal or better than those from Fosse Liquitrol.  FENTEX are able to duplicate any spill kit, refill kit or absorbent pack of any manufacturer and in addition we can design kits for specific uses or to your own design.

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GP50 General Purpose Light Weight Maint Pad (Pack 50) DBM50 16% more absorbent and 17% cheaper
GPL2 General Purpose Light Weight Maint Pad (Pack 200) MPL5040 16% more absorbent
GDT5 General purpose drum topper pads (Pack 5) MPA5656 20% more absorbent
GQ20 General Purpose Socks (pack 20) MSC8120 10% more absorbent and 2% cheaper
GQ08 General Purpose Socks (pack 8) MSC8300 10% more absorbent and 2% cheaper
GTMU Traffic Mat unbacked CRG9191 4% cheaper
OPS1 Oil only pad (pack 100) OPH5040 7% cheaper
OPSX Oil only Pad X-Large (pack 50) OPH9788/50 10% cheaper
OBS4 Oil only marine boom OBM123 14% cheaper
OT100 Oil only roll ORH9744 4% cheaper
CPS1 Chemical bonded pads (pack 100) CPE4250 6% more absorbent and 10% cheaper
CPL2 Chemical light weight pads (pack 200) CPEL4250 6% more absorbent and 10% cheaper
CRSN x 2 Chemical bonded roll (pack 2) CRE4844 2% cheaper
CS20 Chemical sock (pack 20) CSM8120 14% cheaper
CCL1 x 2 Chemical cushion (pack 20) CCM3035 14% cheaper

All discount amounts shown are based on RRP at time of web site construction and does not include any possible dealer, bulk quantity or trade price reductions. The above examples should only be used as a guide and you should contact the respective manufacturers for their latest prices and performance.  EAOE.


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