Poly-Overpack 65  
Product No. 1065  
Dimensions Exterior Interior
Top Diameter 28.25"/ 72 cm 23.5"/ 60 cm
Bottom Diameter 23"/ 58 cm 21.75"/ 55 cm
Height 37.37"/ 95 cm 33.5"/ 85 cm
Weight 45 lbs./ 20.5 kg  
Handling Capacity 440 lbs./ 198 kg  
Capacity 65 gal./ 247 liters  
Regulations UN 1H2/X200/S and  
  DOT 49 CFR 173.3 (c)  

Just the right size for 100 Litre drums.

Our Poly-Overpack 65 meets Group 1 packaging standards, salvage drum regulations, and is designed to fit 100 Litre drums. This overpack nests for easy storage and has a gasket in the lid for secure containment. No wasted space! No wasted money!

Meets performance-oriented packaging requirements of U.S. DOT and UN regulations.

Great as a spill kit container, too!

It’s light enough for one person to handle and large enough to pack sufficient absorbent and response equipment for incidental spills.