51 Litre Salvage Drums are versatile units that can directly contain solids and sludges with security. With a 1/2 turn push down lid, this ergonomically designed unit accepts bottles, cans, and 5 gal. pails. With the highest rating in the industry, this "pill-bottle" design sets the new bar for Overpacks.

With a tough HDPE polyethylene design, it is weather and chemical resistant and can be stacked. Units are also nestable, which allows for ease of shipment. The wide mouth, rigid walls, small footprint and integral handles make it perfect for overpacking damaged containers, emergency response, and medical and operating room waste destined for the freezer or incineration.

Excellent for spillkits! Meets performance-oriented packaging requirements of US DOT and UN regulations.


  51 Litre Salvage Drum
Product No. 1220  
Dimensions Exterior Interior
Top Dia. 23"/ 58.42 cm. 21.5"/ 54.61 cm.
Bottom Dia. 18"/ 45.72 cm. 17"/ 43.18 cm.
Height 19"/ 48.26 cm. 17.5"/ 43.18 cm.
Weight 10 lbs./ 4.54 kg.  
Load Bearing Capacity UDL 166 lbs./ 75.3 kg.  
Regulations UN 1H2/X75/S
DOT 49 CFR 173.3(c)