Is your overpack really a salvage drum?

Our Poly-Overpack 95 meets Group 1 packaging standards and salvage drum regulations (unlike competitive overpacks). The Poly-Overpack 95 safely contains a wide range of hazardous materials—including acids, corrosives and damaged parts—in 205 Litre drums.

Tight, secure and leak-free container closing is simple: just place any long object, like a wooden two-by-four, in the handy lid slots and turn it to screw the lid down tightly.

Meets performance-oriented packaging requirements of U.S. DOT and UN regulations.

  Poly-Overpack 95
Product No. 1237  
Dimensions Exterior Interior
Top Diameter 31.75"/81 cm 27.13"/69 cm
Bottom Diameter 26"/66 cm 24.75"/63 cm
Height 41.5"/105 cm 37"/94 cm
Weight 48 lbs./ 21.6 kg  
Handling Capacity 650 lbs./ 292.5 kg  
Sump Capacity 95 gal./ 361 litres  
Regulations UN 1H2/X295/S,
UN 1H2T/Y295/S and
DOT 49 CFR 173.3(c)