Safe, secure two-drum storage.

This tough, indoor or outdoor performer protects two 55-gallon drums while containing leaks with a 135-gallon sump capacity. Drum access and removal is easy with our unique gull-wing covers. Items inside are protected from the weather with our unique slide-over lid design.

Security locks are included to secure the covers and contents. 100% polyethylene has excellent resistance to chemicals as well as weather. Translucent sidewalls allow for an immediate view of liquids so you don’t need to open the lids to see if there’s been a leak. The Poly-Safetypack is easily handled by forklift or pallet jack from two sides. Optional drain.

Product No. 2038
Exterior Dimensions 60.25"1 x 36.25"w x 45.75"h
  153 cm x 93 cm x 116 cm
Interior Dimensions 52.37"l x 26.25"w x 37"h
  133 cm x 67 cm x 94 cm
Weight 115 lbs./52.3 kg
Load Bearing Capacity UDL 1200 lbs./544.32 kg
Sump Capacity 135 US gal./513 litres
Regulations EPA 40 CFR 264.175