Taller for secure pumping stations.

Poly-Safetypack Plus provides the same results as the Poly-Safetypack, with one key advantage. The 54.25" inside height of the Poly-Safetypack Plus allows the lids to be closed with the pumps in place to create a versatile pumping station where the convenience of leaving the pumps installed is important. Capacity is also greater—270 US gallons. Optional drain.


Poly-SafetyPack Plus  
Product No. 2077
Exterior Dimensions 60.5"l x 36.5"w x 63.25"h
  154 cm x 93 cm x 161 cm
Interior Dimensions 51.25"l x 26.25"w x 54.25"
  130 cm x 66 cm x 138 cm
Weight 140 lbs./63.6 kg
Load Bearing Capacity UDL 1200 lbs./544.32 kg
Sump Capacity 270 US gal./1026 litres
Regulations EPA 40 CFR 264.175