Outdoor storage has never been so practical...or so affordable!

If easy access, cost efficiency and a large storage area are what you need, Job Hut is your answer.

Weíve designed the Job Hut to act just like an extension to your building. Itís big. Itís safe. Itís easy to use. And itís cost effective!

An extra large storage area lets you store up to eight 45-gallon drums right on their pallets! Its low profile design allows for easy access. And itís forkliftable from all sides for effortless handling.

How safe and secure is the Job Hut? Tough polyethylene construction means it wonít rust or corrode, while UV inhibitors make it extra durable for outdoor use. A large 285 Litre sump capacity eliminates the risk of spills or leaks, and structural foam grates remove for easy cleaning. Whatís more, molded-in vents reduce fumes and condensation inside, while heavy-duty hinges and lock keep contents secure.

The Job Hut offers substantial savings when compared to similar metal or concrete storage buildings, while providing superior performance. Job Hutís optional multi-purpose ramp facilitates loading your drums into the unit. Safe, secure, and cost-effective. What more could you ask for in an outdoor secondary containment unit?

Note: Job Hut not fire rated.


Product No. 4010
Exterior Dimensions 90" l x 62.5" w x 93" h
  228 cm x 159 cm x 236 cm
Interior Dimensions 70" l x 51" w x 82" h
  178 cm x 129 cm x 208 cm
Weight 512 lbs. / 230.4 kg
Load Bearing Capacity UDL 8000 lbs. / 3600 kg
Capacity 75 US gal. / 285 liters
Regulations EPA 40 CFR 264.175