Small footprint makes the 2-Drum Hardcover and Spill pallet ideal for indoor/outdoor storage of up to two 45-gallon drums. Roll-top design allows it to be used in limited space or next to buildings where swing-open doors would be a problem. Top or front loadable. Optional ramp attachment allows for easy loading. Lockable door! Used in conjunction with Poly-Spillpallet™ 2000 (Product No. 5253-YE). Optional drain. Shipped knocked down only.

2-Drum Hardcover  
Product No. 4060
Exterior Dimensions 60"l x 37"w x 72"h
  152 cm x 94 cm x183 cm
Interior Dimensions 50"l x 29"w x 51"h
  127 cm x 74 cm x 130 cm
Weight 210 lbs./95.5 kg
Load Bearing Capacity UDL 2000 lbs./900 kg
Sump Capacity 220.4 litres
Regulations EPA 40 CFR 264.175