A sturdy solution to indoor/outdoor storage of up to four 45-gallon drums. Weatherproof! Roll-top design allows it to be used in limited space or next to buildings where swing-open doors would be a problem. Takes up less than 25 square feet of floor space. Allows ample room for drum pumps. Used in conjunction with Poly-Slim-Line™ 6000 (Product No. 5400). Optional drain. Shipped knocked down only. Optional ramp attachment allows for easy loading.

4-Drum Hardcover  
Product No. 4064
Exterior Dimensions 65"l x 58"w x 69"h
  165 cm x 147 cm x 175 cm
Interior Dimensions 49"l x 54"w x 53.5"h
  124 cm x 137 cm x 135 cm
Weight 269 lbs./122.3 kg
Load Bearing Capacity UDL 6000 lbs./2700 kg
Sump Capacity 250.8 litres
Regulations EPA 40 CFR 264.175