Inexpensive mobile dispensing.

Dispensing drums while transporting them around the plant is no longer a problem thanks to our Spill Scooter. The Spill Scooter provides secondary containment for incidental spills and drips which often occur during vertical dispensing applications.

Incidental spills and drips are contained in the well, with a spout for easy draining. The Spill Scooter fits all drums up to 45 gallons. Made of 100% polyethylene, the Spill Scooter will not rust or corrode.


  Spill Scooter
Product no. 5205
Dimensions 34.62" dia. x 8.82" h
  88 cm x 25 cm
Weight 22.5 lbs. / 225 kg
Load Bearing  
Capacity UDL 500 lbs. / 225 kg
Sump Capacity 11 US gal. /41.8 litres