IBC 2000iô

Intermediate Bulk Containment Made Easy

ENPAC Corporationís new integrated IBC 2000i gives intermediate bulk container users more versatile spill containment. It fits more than 99% of all IBC dispensing units and features a large sump capacity of 385 US gallons, exceeding EPA 40 CFR 264.175 regulations. The unit also comes with an integrated 5-US gallon pail holder for quick and easy dispensing.

The IBC 2000i is the only one-piece, lightweight, 100% polyethylene IBC spill containment unit that is forkliftable and nestable for convenient shipment and storage, and reduces shipping costs. The polyethylene construction will not rust or corrode or have adverse reactions with chemicals. An optional drain is available.

  IBC 2000i
Product No. 5469
Exterior Dimensions 72" L x 80" W x 29" H
  182.88 cm x 203.20 cm x 73.66 cm
Pedistal Dimensions 55" L x 55.5" W x 29" H
  139.70 cm x 140.97 cm x 73.66 cm
Weight 308 lbs. / 678 kg
Sump 385 US gal. / 1457.45 liters
Max. Load Rating 8,000 lbs. UDL
Regulations EPA 40 CFR 264.175