Carry this lightweight, portable pallet anywhere and prevent spills from occurring. Made of 22 oz. vinyl-coated polyester, it's chemical-resistance, stands up to corrosive battery acid, and is a great addition to any spill kit. Stop storing truck, automobile and small forklift batteries on the ground or on wooden pallets. Order optional polyethylene grates removable for easy access to the sump. Poly-Porta-Pallet folds up for compact storage and transport. Unique snap-up support strips create a sturdy sidewall when unit is opened. 


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Dimensions 122cm x 122cm x 20cm 122cm x 183cm x 20cm 122cm x 244cm x 20cm 244cm x 244cm x 20cm 244cm x 305cm x 20cm
Weight 2.7 kg 3.6 kg 5 kg 8 kg 10.4 kg
Sump Capacity 302 litres 454 litres 605 litres 1211 litres 1514 litres