Combine a single Poly-Stacker with Poly-Racker to stack up to four drums. Add another Poly-Stacker and you have a storage system that holds six drums and is rated to hold 3,000 lbs UDL.

Each Poly-Stacker holds two 45-gallon drums and can quickly be stacked with a forklift. Any spills from the second and third levels fall into the dispensing well for containment and easy clean-up. Combined, Poly-Racker and Poly-Stacker make up the most efficient drum storage and dispensing system you can buy.

Product No. 6002-YE
Dimensions 49"l x 41"w x 13"h
  124 cm x 104 cm x 33 cm
Weight 56 lbs./25.2 kg
Load Bearing  
Capacity UDL 2400 lbs./1080 kg