The use of 'Dyke and Plug', as a 'rug', is an exceptionally efficient temporary sealant for drains, storm water inlets, leaks in tanks, pipes and drums. Requiring no surface preparation it can be applied directly over the leak and it will seal immediately. Made from a non-toxic material it is easy to use and quick to apply and can be used to control flammable and hazardous leaks and spills
  • Easy to use, seals immediately
  • No surface preparation is necessary
  • Sticks to dirty, rusty, greasy surfaces
APDL Reinforced Plug-Rug
Pack qty: 4
Pack Size: 65cm x 45cm x 2cm

APDM Reinforced Plug-Rug
Pack qty: 4
Pack Size: 40cm x 40cm x 2cm
APDS Reinforced Plug-Rug
Pack qty: 12
Pack Size: 20cm x 20cm x 2cm