Our low profile 3cm Spill Berm is ideal for use on the factory floor, work top and around machines. It will allow a quick and easy method of containing leaks and helps reduce hazards on the workshop floor. Its flexible design will bend to follow almost any curve and angle. Made of a non-absorbing urethane it will resist most chemicals.

The 6cm is made from a unique urethane that allows it to weep into small cracks and crevices. It is non-absorbing and will resist most chemicals. Easily cleaned and reusable it bend to almost any shape and will temporarily bond to most smooth surfaces. Straight connectors and corner pieces are available thereby allowing you to extend the Berm to any length you desire.

ASB3 Spill Berm
Pack qty: 1
Size: 3cm H x 3M

ASB6 Spill Berm
Pack qty: 1
Size: 6cm H x 3M