• Highly mobile spill kit in a wheeled bin.
  • Easy to move to the affected area by one person.
  • Easy open flip-top lid.
  • Quick and portable method of responding to a spill or leak.
  • Can be used on chemicals, solvents, oils and fuels.

    CSKL Chemical  Spill Kit in Wheeled Bin
    Pack Sorbency: 350L
    1 x Wheeled Bin
    10 x Chemical Socks (3m x 8cm)
    150 x Chemical Pads (Double Weight)
    10 x Chemical Cushions
    1 x Drain Plug (65cm x 45cm)
    1 x 5Kg Plugging Granules
    6 x Disposal Bags & Ties
    1 x Caution Tape
    1 x Instruction Sheet