• Non-flammable
  • Cost effective compared to clay granules
  • Manufactured to BS 476 class 2 modified version
  • 3 times more absorbent than clay granules
  • Can be incinerated to 7% ash
  • Environmentally acceptable by-product material which fulfils government guidelines on recycling
  • Highly absorbent wood fibre which absorbs oil, grease and other liquid spillages. - Easy to clean leaves no residue. - No dust, more absorbent than other granules
  • Safe Soak is the environmentally friendly alternative to clay granules, not only is it considerably more absorbent, it also absorbs on contact making it much quicker to use.
Bag size: 7Kg/30L
Pack qty: 70
Bag size: 18Kg/80L
Pack qty: 27