• If you need to skim oil, or hydrocarbons, from water then our Marine Booms are the answer.
  • Ideal for wastewater troughs, settling tanks, ponds and anywhere that an oil, or fuel, spill might take place.
  • They are the ideal solution for the marine environment - harbours, rivers and ponds. 
  • The metal rings enable several to be the joined together to make the perfect barrier.
  • The rope running through the boom gives extra strength and prevents over-stretching.
  • Our standard booms are ideal for low viscosity oils and fuels whilst the spaghetti booms are suitable for thicker petroleum-based fluid spills and can be used in faster moving water environments.
  • Our Oil Only absorbents are hydrophobic, they will repel water and only absorb oil or hydrocarbon based products.

    OBE4 Oil only marine boom
    Size: 20cm x 3M
    Pack qty: 4
    Pack Sorbency: 280L