These spill kits have been designed for their portability and to give you the facility of a quick response in the event of a spill. They can be easily stored in the boot of a vehicle and can be carried by hand.

Placed in multiple locations around the site, factory, warehouse, plant, garage, farm or chemical site, they can give optimal initial response should a spill, or leak occur.

They are easy to hang on a wall, or the rear of a fork-lift. Keep one in high-risk areas such as fuelling points and drum storage areas.

OSKC Oil Only Spill Kit in Cube Bag
Pack Sorbency: 35L

1 x Cube Bag
2 Oil Only Socks (3m x 8cm)
15 x Oil Only Pads (Double Weight)
1 x Disposal Bag & Tie
1 x Instruction Sheet