OIL SAFE - Oil Drums

The Oil Safe® professional lubrication system of interchangeable Lids, Drums and Accessories has revolutionized the transfer of lubricants from bulk storage to point of application.

Manufactured from HDPE with anti-static agents and UV stabilisers, this unique product range has many design features that significantly reduce the risk of lubricant contamination and oil spillage.

Very chemically resistant plastic however, contact with strong oxidising acids should be avoided. Not suitable for use with fuels or solvents.

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JDR1 Oil storage drum Opaque 1.5 Litre

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JDR2 Oil storage drum Opaque 2 Litre

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JDR3 Oil storage drum Opaque 3 Litre

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JDR5 Oil storage drum Opaque 5 Litre

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JDR0 Oil storage drum Opaque 10 Litre




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