Medium Spill Kits - 255 Litre in Overpack Drum

This kit is supplied in a tight, secure and leak free drum and designed to be an ideal solution when responding to a spill or a leak. Contains everything needed to absorb up to 255 litres of fluid. These kits can be moved to the affected area enabling a quick and responsive method of dealing with an emergency spill.

They are available for chemical, oil or general purpose fluids, and are designed to assist your company in complying with Pollution Prevention Guidelines and other regulations. Can be left outside and are ideal for drum storage areas in factories, laboratories and refueling points.

To ensure that you are prepared for any eventuality we manufacture spill kits for any type of business - laboratories, construction, plant and workshop. Anywhere that there is a potential for a spill, we have a spill kit for the job.

All kits come with a refill pack option to reduce costs when the kit has been used.

  Code Description Type Capacity

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GSKO Gen. Purpose Spill Kit in Overpack Drum General Purpose 255L
GRFO Refill for GSKO

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OSKO Oil Only Spill Kit in Overpack Drum Oil Only 255L
ORFO Refill for OSKO

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CSKO Chemical Spill Kit in Overpack Drum Chemical 255L
CRFO Refill for CSKO



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