Oil Only Absorbents - Cushions

Our oil only cushions and pillows are ideal for spill containment, spill control and oil spill clean-up. As they float they can be used for skimming oil from water. This versatile product can also be used in conjunction with a drip pan and used under leaky taps, joints and machinery.

Our Oil Only absorbents are hydrophobic, they will repel water and only absorb oil or hydrocarbon based products.

Code PAckaging Description Size Pack Qty Pack Sorbency

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OCL2 Dispenser Box Oil Only Cushion 30cm x 35cm 20 90L
  OCS2 Dispenser Box Oil Only Cushion 23cm x 23cm 20 70L
  OCE16 Dispenser Box Xtra large Oil Only Cushion 40cm x 50cm 16 128L



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