Many businesses are at risk of polluting and the legislation in the UK means that if you do pollute then you pay - heavily.

Oil only absorbent pads and booms on polluted lakeYou need to have in place a spill management programme that has a proactive rather than reactive attitude to limit the impact of a spillage incident.  There is no point in calling after you've had the accident as you must, by law, have the tools in place - just in case.

Our Specialists have many years experience in the spillage and absorbents field and are here to assist you.

A site survey is not designed to sell you more than you need but to give you good sound advice based on years of experience.

One phone call and an appointment can be made for one of our team to discuss your requirements and introduce you to your nearest FENTEX supplier.

If you are already a user of absorbent products and you are not buying FENTEX products then you should call us immediately.  You will discover that we are more cost effective than other manufacturers, and we can demonstrate that many of our products, probably the ones you use most of the time, are more absorbent than similar suppliers.

Telephone 01487 823184 or email us and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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