The Incident

Whilst unloading cars a hydraulic hose burst spraying a large volume of oil all over the dealership forecourt.

The Problem

The dealership manager was furious and demanded the area was cleaned immediately without any contamination to the drainage system.

The Cost

Several quotes from clean-up companies revealed the cost would be a staggering 1900.

The FENTEX solution

The FENTEX distributor presented the use of the new OIL & FUEL RESIDUE REMOVAL KIT. The transporter driver and the hydraulic engineer used a standard tarmac kit - SRK-TA and a 50m2 Expansion Kit - SRET20.

The two men, despite having never used the clean-up kits before, found the entire exercise quick and very easy.

Customer benefits

  • The entire clean up took only 90 minutes.

  • Absolutely no drain contamination because all residue and cleaner is absorbed and bagged

  • Total cost of kits was a mere 374.





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