Our sales team: orders@fentex.co.uk
T: 01487 823184                  E: orders@fentex.co.uk
Our sales team: orders@fentex.co.uk
T: 01487 823184                  E: orders@fentex.co.uk
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EVO spill products provide a unique solution for companies pursuing higher ethical and environmental standards without compromising performance and value.
Manufactured from recycled cotton fibres, a natural sustainable product, EVO spill products have a far smaller carbon footprint than the vast majority of absorbent pads and rolls made of polypropylene, a plastic by-product of the oil industry.
EVO is manufactured by Fentex in Cambridgeshire and unlike polypropylene absorbents made in the USA, Eastern Europe or Far East, does not require long fossil-fuel burning transportation to the UK and Ireland. These factors compare favourably against polypropylene absorbents manufactured overseas, which have a comparatively huge carbon footprint due to their oil rich composition and necessary transportation.

In addition to superior environmental credentials, EVO spill products absorb more oil than polypropylene absorbents due to a high-loft construction and unique manufacturing process. They also have a greater oil retention capability; this reduces the secondary contamination associated with polypropylene absorbents when absorbed oil leaches out during clean up. EVO absorbents are more cost-effective, easier and cleaner to use and priced lower than polypropylene alternatives.

The EVO range offers an environmentally friendly alternative to polypropylene absorbents in the majority of applications. The EVO spill product range includes absorbent pads, drum toppers, rolls, socks, cushions, spillpod® and absorbent stations for use in maintenance and routine clean up, and spill kits for emergency spill response.

For companies seeking to reduce their environmental impact and carbon footprint whilst upgrading to a high performance product, sustainable EVO spill products offer a more ethical solution to oil spill and leak control.

Manufactured from 85% recycled natural fibres
Higher capacity than comparable polypropylene absorbents
Greater fluid retention avoids secondary contamination during clean up
More cost-effective
Low carbon footprint
Ideal for companies seeking to reduce their environmental impact
Can be used in all sectors of industry to absorb hydraulic oil, engine oil, gear oil, lubricating oil, coolant, fuels, and mild acids
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