Our sales team: orders@fentex.co.uk
T: 01487 823184                  E: orders@fentex.co.uk
Our sales team: orders@fentex.co.uk
T: 01487 823184                  E: orders@fentex.co.uk
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One unit, multiple uses, spillpod® is a neat, self-contained unit that centralises wiping, cleaning and absorbent needs within a workshop environment.
spillpod® is designed for use in a multitude of situations from in-house engineering shops in large companies to small independent businesses.
The workshop environment presents the need to clean-up many different liquids, spillpod® easily copes with evertything.
  • Centralises workshop wiping and absorbent needs
  • spillpod® pads are 8 times more absorbent than inefficient rags
  • Paper roll (perforated) for general cleaning and wiping
  • Dispenser unit also stores disposable gloves and degreaser
  • High profile for easy identification
  • Wall mounting points with full fitting instructions
  • Tough steel construction
The spillpod® range also includes absorbent pads or rolls in handy portable dispenser boxes & spillpod® MOBI the mobile spill product for large compounds, warehouses, factories and yards.

When your maintenance engineers need spill absorbents on any job spillpod mobi can deliver:
Large roll holder takes a full size 38cm x 46m double weight roll
MOBI is only 60cm wide; easy to manoeuvre through doorways, along corridors and between machinery  
Large capacity base trunk holds 65 litres of loose absorbent or 15 x 120cm absorbent socks
spillpod MOBI is available in three versions: General Purpose, Oil and Fuel and Chemical
The ultimate factory and warehouse mobile absorbent dispensing system
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