Our sales team: orders@fentex.co.uk
T: 01487 823184                  E: orders@fentex.co.uk
Our sales team: orders@fentex.co.uk
T: 01487 823184                  E: orders@fentex.co.uk
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Leaking roofs can damage valuable stock and equipment, not to mention the inconvenience of moving people and goods out of the way.
Leak Diverter deals with nuisance roof and ceiling leaks without disruption to the workplace until a permanent repair can be made. The device hangs from the roof directly under drips and leaks and diverts water to a convenient collection point. The floor beneath stays dry, the risk of slips and falls is reduced whilst damage to goods and machinery is minimised.
Adjustable hanging straps make levelling and positioning easy. Standard UK Hozelock fittings ensure water is safely channelled into the Leak Diverter reservoir drum (included in complete kit or available separately). Leak Diverter is available in four sizes in two colours, with separate accessories or as complete kit.
Strong waterproof fabric
Eyelets at 50cm intervals
Central drainage point
Takes standard UK Hozelock fittings
Easy to hang from roof and ceiling fittings
Tarp, hanging straps, hose and hose fittings available separately
Also available as a complete kit with Leak Diverter tarp, hanging straps, hose, hose fittings and water collection drum
Safely diverts roof leaks away from goods and machinery and protects the workplace
Achieves a temporary fix until a more permanent repair can be made
Prevents damage to valuable stock and machinery
Keeps water off the floor
Reduces accidental slips and falls
Reduces necessity to relocate goods and personnel

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