Our sales team: orders@fentex.co.uk
T: 01487 823184                  E: orders@fentex.co.uk
Our sales team: orders@fentex.co.uk
T: 01487 823184                  E: orders@fentex.co.uk
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SpillTector® is the flexible spill absorbent and containment system designed for use under vehicles, plant, tanks and machinery. Contaminants are trapped in the unique absorbent laminate while clean rainwater is allowed to run away, making it ideal for outdoor use.
SpillTector Chart
Unique Sorbent Laminate
  • Flexible spill tray with unique, laminated sorbent mat
  • For use under vehicles, plant, tanks and machinery
  • Catches and absorbs oil, fuel and AdBlue® leaks
  • Protects sensitive ground from spills and leaks
  • Allows clean rainwater to run away, preventing flooding of the tray and overspill
  • Flexible sidewalls allow plant and machinery to be wheeled into place with ease
  • Tough mesh grid withstands heavy use and allows oil to soak into sorbent material

Following two and a half years of development and field testing Fentex have now made available the full range of SpillTector®. It has been designed to outperform all other construction site spill protection mats and delivers unrivalled absorbency at unbeatable prices. SpillTector® is based around the unique Fentex Flexi-Tray. This was launched in 2014 and has proven very popular as a drip and spill tray because of its flexible side walls that bounce back into place when plant an machinery have rolled over them.

By September of 2014 customers were placing Fentex Absorbent Mats in the Flexi-Tray and SpillTector® was born! Since then we have developed the SpillTector®to absorb even more oil and fuel whilst letting the rain run free! Designed by Fentex the multi-layer SpillTector® Mat uses all of Fentex’s absorbent knowledge and experience. A key ‘eureka’ moment was in September 2015 when a layer of EVO burst cotton super absorbent, manufactured only by Fentex , was added to the SpillTector® laminate. This gave the SpillTector® the added absorbency and oil retention to make it the best in the market.

Now available in three sizes that are 10% bigger than the popular Plant Nappy®, SpillTector® has become more versatile than ever. SpillTector® is available from all 900 Fentex distributors throughout the UK and Ireland. Export enquiries are welcome.
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